About us

Kennel “Armald” began its history with the breed Giant Schnauzer in 1996, when we mated our bitch Adrian Oi Lee Tagri Wood with one of the most world famous dogs –  Pectus Zaicca (Finland).

As a result of this historical matings were received such wonderful dogs, as European Champion Armald Sir Hamilton (left in our kennel as our best producer and trade mark).

Армальд Сэр Гамильтон

With pride we can note that Gavrila (Armald Sir Hamilton) consistently gave to his children a very stable psyche, complete controllability, boundless devotion to his master, and excessive love for children.

Along with this, we try to fix our breeding dogs powerful yet elegant biuld, wide and deep chest, lovely expressive head and free movement, in other words – everything that makes our dogs recognizable at all exhibitions.

CH INTER, SWE, EST, LAT, World Champion Armald Tornado and Armald Sir Lars were exported to Finland by Mr. Lankinenom owner of “Pectus” kennel and successfully exhibited at the major Dog Shows in Europe.

All of our “children” briliantly represent Armald kennel on the different continents. Over the years our dogs received the following titles: International Champion, Multichampion, Champions of America, Australia, European Champion and World Champion and others.

In 2001, we had received, in our opinion, a very successful litter using “Grigus” kennel blood that confirms by numerous victories Armald Alexandria and Alfa Romeo in the junior class at the largest exhibitions in 2002.

One of the turning points in the life of the kennel was the purchase in 1998 of our first miniature schnauzer -Vice-Champion of Europe  Benefis ot Barbatsutsy (Boni). His daughters were left in a kennel for breeding.

Армальд Европа Плюс 779х768

The first 10 years of working with the new breed, we rely on the best collection of “blood” and the compilation of unique genetic base.

These efforts paid off after the birth of our best female  - Armald Europa Plus.

Her children became the pride of kennel and continue to gain victories at major exhibitions. Junior Champion of Europe, International Champion, Champion of the Baltic countries, Best of Breed 2013, as well as multiple wins in the Best in Show – this is an incomplete list of their achievements.

Our Miniature Schnauzers are easily recognized on Dog shows by their flying movements, beautiful head and strong skeleton.


“Golden Retriever” in our kennel originated with the charming Edelweiss.

This breed is named for its golden color. But even if the silky hair has a slightly different color, breed, you can still be called “gold”, as many others.